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Pn Junction As Rectifier Pdf Free



power input is Pac = Irms2 (rf + RL) for a half-wave rectified wave, Irms = Im/2 Semiconductor Devices P-N Junction as Rectifier Related Concepts P-n Junction i.e., 1.21 percent of ripple is present at the out put when compared at input that means unwanted signal is still increased by 21 percentThen d.cpower output / input a.cThe current flows in circuit due to majority charge carriers of D1 in the direction shown


During the positive half cycle on account of induction, S1 is +ve and S2 is -vepower Consider a half-wave rectifier shown in figure aboveLet Vin = Vmsin be the alternating voltage that appears across the secondary winding AB.Let rf and RL be the diode resistance and load resistance respectivelyIt offers high resistance and hence there is no flow of current due to majority charge carriers and thus there is no output across loadWe therefore get output across load resistanceTherefore half wave rectifier is poor rectifier.


During the negative half cycle, the diode D1 is reverse biased and D2 is forward biasedDuring the negative half cycle S1 is negative and S2 is positiveRectifier efficiency, = d.cS1S2 are the secondary coil of the transformer, which are connected to diode and load resistance R as shownEfficiency of half-wave Rectifier Back to Top The ratio of d.cThe pn junction is reverse biased


P-N junction diode as full wave rectifier Back to Top For full wave rectification, we use two PN junctionspower is known as rectifier efficiency, i.eIt forward biases the junction diode and hence a current flows in direction shownTherefore the component of ripple is calculated by ripple factors it is denoted by gammaHome PhysicsPhysics IVSemiconductor Devices Top P-N Junction as Rectifier Rectifier is a device which is used for converting alternating current/voltage into direct current /voltagepower of half-wave rectifier is given by Pdc = Idc2 RLwhere Idc = Im/ and Im = Vm / rf + RL And a.cSub Topics Half wave rectifier P-N junction diode as full wave rectifier Efficiency of half-wave Rectifier Half wave rectifier Back to Top The A-C to be rectified is connected to the primary P1P2 of a step down transformerDuring the positive half of the input A-C (fig), the upper PN junction diode i.e., D1 is forward biased and D2 is reverse biasedIn the output only one half of the wave is present and the other half is missingThe amount of DC voltage across the output of half wave rectifier is given by It is also called as average voltage, it is less than Vm always since out put of half wave is not a pure DC it is pulsating DC

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